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DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump
  • DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump
  • DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump
  • DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump
  • DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump

DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump

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DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump

Model: DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump
Speed (r/min): 350-1800
Capacity (l/s):1.2-186
Head (m):5-30.2
Best efficiency: 20%-55%
Shaft power Pa (KW):-
Allowed max particle size (mm): 35-72
Pump weight(kg): -
Discharge Dia. (mm): 51-203
Suction Dia. (mm): 102-305
Seal type: -

ImpellerVanes: 5Material of liner: High chrome alloy/rubber
Type:-Material of Casing: Cast iron
Material:High chrome alloy/RubberTheory: Centrifugal pump
Diameter (mm): 229-560Structure: Single-stage pump

DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump

DF (DHF) series vertical froth pump or centrifugal foam pump are designed with double casing design, including rubber lined froth pump, centrifugal pump, mining froth pump. These centrifugal foam pumps feature high efficiency, wear-resistance, stable performance and great interchangeability. The material of liner and impeller is wear-resistant metal or rubber. The centrifugal froth/foam pumps do not need sealing, and the hopper can use liners. They may deliver the slurries of more flow and higher head with small installation space. The vertical froth pumps may be driven by belt or direct coupling. DF (DHF) series centrifugal foam pump should rotate clockwise viewing from the drive end.

Application of Vertical Froth Pump

Centrifugal foam pump can be used for the flotation industrial process, ideal for delivering foaming slurries.

Feature of Vertical Froth Pump

Froth pump is suitable for transporting slurry with froth, especially for flotation processing .It can eliminate the froth or foam in the running slurry and work normally even if the feeding slurry is not enough. The pump wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high chromium wear-resistant alloy materials. Funnel charging box is of steel structure. It can be lined according to different kinds of material. The discharge direction of pump can be oriented at intervals of 45°.This series of rubber lined froth pump adopts double-casing structure, with stable performance, high efficiency; wear resistance, and great interchangeability of components. The materials of liner and impeller can adopt anti-wear metal or rubber.

DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump

TypeCapacity(Q)Head(H)Speed(n)Max. EfficiencyMax. Particle Size AllowedAllowable Mating Max. Power

DF(DHF) Series Vertical Froth Pump

TypeOutline Dimension
150 DF7912430195027702087531869646010208001970300210
200 DF7912430195027702087538169647010208001970300210

TypeOutlet Flange DimensionInlet Flange Dimension

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