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DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
  • DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
  • DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
  • DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
  • DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
  • DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
  • DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump

DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump

Main Parameter :

Size: 40-300mm

Capacity: 12-1267m3/h

Head: 4-40m

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DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump

Model: DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump
Speed (r/min): 350-2200
Capacity (l/s):5-352
Head (m):4-40
Best efficiency: 40%-64%
NPSHr (m): -
Shaft power Pa (KW): -
Allowed max particle size (mm): 12-65
Pump weight (kg): 285-4500
Discharge Dia. (mm): 40-300
Suction Dia. (mm):-
Seal type: -

ImpellerVanes:5Material of liner: High chrome alloy/Rubber
Type:-Material of casing: High chrome alloy/Rubber
Material:High chrome alloy/RubberTheory:Centrifugal pump
Diameter (mm): 188-610Structure: Single-stage pump

DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump

We provide various pumping solutions in China. The sump slurry pumps are designed for vertical cantilever type with single casing, double suction and semi-open impeller design. The impeller is made of high-chromium alloy or rubber. The gap between impeller and liner is adjustable, to assure the high-efficient operation. This series of sump slurry pumps do not need any shaft seal, and the wet parts of pumps are made of rubber and the parts contacting with slurry are lined with rubber. The vertical sump pump can be used to deliver corrosive slurries. The pump may be driven by belt or direct coupling. It should rotate clockwise viewing from the drive end.

Application of Sump Slurry Pump

The vertical sump pumps are designed for delivering corrosive, large particle and high density slurries. The pumps are widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, power plant, building materials and environmental protection industrial departments, etc.

Features of Vertical Sump Pump

1. This vertical sump slurry pump is designed with beautiful appearance, which can be installed directly to the memorizer that conveys media, spacing saving and cost saving.

2. Without mechanical seal, this vertical sump pump does not need frequent maintenance for mechanical seal that is easy to be worn out, which reduces cost and improves efficiency.

3. DV(R) series sump slurry pump adopts unique centrifugal double balance impeller design for transportation of clean media that does not contain solids with low noise and high efficiency. It also adopts open double balance impeller design to transport impurities containing solids and slurries with fibers, with smooth operation and no blockage.

DV(R) Series Sump Slurry Pump

TypeAllowable Mating Max. Power(kW)MaterialClean Water PerformanceImpeller
LinerImpellerCapacity(Q)Head(H)Speed(n)Max. Eff.No. of VanesImpeller Dia.(mm)
1. M: wear resistant alloy material    2. R: rubber   3. L: extension type

PumpABCDEFGHJФnKMNPQWeight (kg)SDischarge Flange Dimension
Discharge Dia.(mm)BaseTypeStandard TypeExtension TypeФD1ФD2ФD0X-Фd
40P(L)DV137285153900* 12001800*50050045045020518174111367524862928528012740984-Ф16
65Q(L)DV227399231900* 1200* 15001800* 2000 25006806806202854001839313901020290681432350178651404-Ф19
100R(L)DV2655383171200 1500* 1800 2000 24002400 2700* 3000 3200100087080093040022393180310204169608763502291001918-Ф19
150S(V)DV3906703651200 1500* 18002800* 3200 3400 360011001100103010305002847521861200476101117373502801502418-Ф22
200S(L)DV4508054401200 1500* 18002800* 3200 360013001200110012006002855021911300476101128003503432002988-Ф22

250T(L)DV5009304701800 2100* 24002800* 3200 3600175014501350265070048685257217505611246370040040625036212-Ф25

300DV50011705591800 2100 24002800* 3200 360017501450135070070048700247617505611246450040048330043212-Ф25

Note: L size: 0, 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1800, Standard Pump: L=0. The dimension range from filter to bottom of the pool :300-500mm.

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